Published 25 Oct 2023

Fromuth Fall Classic: An Amateur Pickleball Tournament in Reading

The Fromuth Fall Classic was an amateur doubles pickleball tournament put on by Bounce in Reading, PA where men's, women's and mixed doubles teams competed for prize money.

Bounce and Fromuth, a national leader in the racket sports industry, put on the Fromuth Fall Classic, an amateur doubles pickleball tournament in Reading, Pennsylvania. Prize money was on offer for the winners and finalists of each bracket. 

The tournament took place October 7-8 and was held at West Reading Pickleball, which are public courts built by Fromuth for the local community. The men’s and women’s doubles brackets took place on Saturday, and then the mixed doubles brackets were played on Sunday. 

All applicants had the opportunity to play a minimum of four games in each event with traditional scoring to 11. A total of 53 teams registered across the different events with players ranging in age from 19 to 68 years old and with varying skill levels.

The Fromuth Fall Classic was also sponsored by another national leader in the pickleball industry, The Dink

Fun but competitive

It was a busy weekend with attendees even getting to experience playing under the lights. And we enjoyed seeing so many competitive and close games across the board!

Bounce tournaments are integrated with DUPR, so players can log their matches, providing a chance to compete against similarly ranked opponents and potentially improve their rating.

There were three men’s doubles brackets with DUPR ratings of 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0+, which each had eight registered teams. There was one women’s doubles bracket with all participants a 3.0 or below. And there were three mixed doubles brackets at levels 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0+.

Cash prizes of $200 were awarded to the winners and $100 to the finalists. The winning teams also received the special edition Bounce paddles, which provide admission to exclusive tournaments and events in the future like tickets to pro pickleball tournaments and pickleball vacations and parties.

Check out Bounce’s upcoming pickleball tournaments, so you can compete for prize money and earn your way to invite-only, regional and national tournaments kicking off in 2024 as part of the Bounce Tour.

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